Jennifer Brooks, PT, decided to combine her love of horses with her professional skills as a Physical Therapist. In 2000, she began studying equine, and later canine, anatomy, kinesiology (the study of movement) and equine pathologies. Much of her continuing educational pursuits in equine PT have involved understanding the benefits of modalities with thoughts of “How can I utilize these proven methods that help humans, to help heal dogs, horses and other mammals?”

Jennifer started her professional career as a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) graduating with a B.S. in PT from Russell Sage College, Troy, NY, in 1985. She went on to receive her M.Ed from Rivier College, Nashua, NH in 1995. She has taught at two are colleges in the Master’s PT Programs at University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and at Notre Dame College, Manchester, NH. Jennifer is a University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture faculty member for their Certificate Program in Equine Rehabilitation.

Jennifer has spent the last 13 years focused on studies in canine and equine rehabilitation. She attended the Equine Rehabilitation Institute in Loxahatchee, Fl and received her Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification in 2006, and her Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification in 2012 through the collaboration of Northeast Seminars and the University of Tennessee Veterinary College. She continues to grow her equine, canine and human knowledge base with continuing education in both disciplines.

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